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“A Million Dollars Would Change Everything! ”

“A Million Dollars Would Change Everything! ”

If you’re in times the place where a million bucks would lead you to make radical modifications to your daily life, changing your occupation or your relationships or your location or the manner in which you invest much of your time or some combination thereof, the clear real question is why aren’t you orienting everything toward making those modifications anyhow?

The secret regarding the “million dollar question” is so it eliminates the matter of monetary need through the concern of what you need related to your lifetime. Then there’s a good chance that you’re in a relatively unhappy cycle in your life, one that’s held in place solely by financial considerations if the things you want to do with your life are drastically different than the things you are doing with your life.

If there’s ever a call in your lifetime to begin making some economic changes, it ought to be this 1. (more…)

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