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WSOP 2015 November Nine Day One Reveals an Evening of Tanking and Passive Enjoy

WSOP 2015 November Nine Day One Reveals an Evening of Tanking and Passive Enjoy

The 2015 November Nine kicked off by having a whimper, not a bang. In the first day’s play Sunday night, the main focus had been on players tanking and acting as if they had little desire for actually playing poker.

Patrick Chan came to the WSOP Main Event table that is final with a small stack that lasted precisely two hands.

Federico Butteroni’s crowd looks in since the Italian discovered himself all in at the nine with a hand dominated by chip leader Joe McKeehen november. (Image: ESPN broadcast of WSOP)

Chan woke up with K♠Q♣ in the small blind, facing an all-in bet by overwhelming chip leader Joe McKeehen. After consideration, Chan made the call with just 16 big blinds. In a near coin-flip situation, it was McKeehen securing to bust the quick stack.

The excitement at the table that is final and ended with that hand. More than five hours later, if the session concluded, viewers were kept wondering whether a lot of the players were just looking to move up the pay slots, or were really interested in winning the competition.

Stern and Neuville viewers that are put Tilt

36-year-old Israeli Ofer Zvi Stern and 72-year old Belgian Pierre Neuville received critique from viewers for tanking, specially Stern. Neuville took approximately 10 seconds to act nearly every time after looking at his cards, despite the fact that he hardly ever played a hand.

The entire evening in fact, Neuville wa (more…)

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